Saturday, September 21, 2013

Avenue Edmonton: Keeping Current with the Opera

Like so many of its traditional plots, opera faces an epic battle to remain relevant in the YouTube age. Perhaps the most of any art form, opera must overcome the stigma that its spectacle and grandeur are only meant for a privileged elite. “Every opera company has this challenge — reassuring people that they may come in gowns or sweats. We want people to come because they love opera,” says Jelena Bojic, Director of Community Relations with Edmonton Opera.

In this article for Avenue Edmonton, I write that opera in this city is becoming more accessible and more flexible.

I had the opportunity to meet Jelena at Edmonton Opera's digs in the Winspear Centre. In fact, I was invited to come through the "Performers Entrance" and I felt a jolt of celebrity fever. Sadly, I must report that no celebrities were seen in the making of this article

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